InfantProgram Information


Kid’s Place Learning Center is so much more than a daycare program.  We combine inspiration for learning in an atmosphere that is filled with love for each child. The infant room is designed to provide the ability for our youngest friends to explore the world around them with the guidance of nurturing staff. These early relationships develop a sense of trust and a foundation for future learning.

Our infant classroom encourages a young ones natural curiosity of the world around them.  They will explore a variety of sensory materials for touching with hands, feet and, of course, mouths.  Items that are mouthed a placed inside of the mouth bucket to be cleaned after each child’s use.  There will be stories and finger plays shared in the cozy area throughout the day to encourage language development.  Songs will be song to encourage children to imitate motion as well as encourage movement of their body.  The class will also participate in art activities that encourages each child to touch a variety of materials increasing their sensory knowledge.  The play items in the classroom are selected to encourage curiosity while meeting the individual needs of the children.

The infant classroom schedule is created with the assistance of each family as a partner.  You will let us know the schedule for feeding and napping at home which will be followed while your child is at the center.  The classroom teachers will complete daily reports so that you are aware of personal care as well as any supplies that may be needed for the next day.  The center is also able to provide a private area for nursing Moms who may need to stop in during the day.

Infant Enrollment Form