March 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope this letter finds you all well!  We are continuing to be diligent about daily sanitizing as well as handwashing.  The children and staff are washing their hands often.  The morning check in and as well as evening procedures have become routine for the children as well.  I continue to attend webinars, phone conferences with New York State, OCFS as well as Dutchess County so that I may be informed about updates to procedures and requirements for the center.  I have posted new signs to the front door as required by OCFS.  Please note that we take the safety of your children and our staff very seriously.  With cooperation and patience we can all help each other through this difficult time.

Our focus continues to be providing a routine for the children that they are familiar with.  The school aged children have also been fantastic about making sure to complete daily assignments.   The use of electronic devices is not part of our daily routine.  They have enjoyed virtual art lessons this week.  Next week we will take a few virtual field trips.   The staff has been serving a morning snack to the children so that they may have enough fuel to complete the tasks.

We are missing our friends at home and hope they are keeping busy.  We have joined the rainbow scavenger hunt movement this week.  It is a very simple activity that all can participate in.  As you may be driving around to take a break from being home check windows to locate a rainbow.  We had the friends at school take turns cutting out heart shapes of all colors and our younger friends glued tissue paper to fill in the empty spaces.  The smiles as they saw the finished project were great!  I would invite our friends at home to make pictures of your own rainbows and send a picture of them.  I would love to share with the friends at school. 

The Board of Directors and I have touched base again about billing procedures going forward.  For the month of April only families who have children attending the program will not be charged.    Today Governor Cuomo has stated schools will remain closed at least until Mid- April.  We understand these are very difficult times filled with uncertainly.  I will not be billing for school aged program unless you have requested care for the month of April. If you should need drop in care during this time please call the office to check on availability.  If your family is experiencing struggles of any sort please reach out.  I have been maintaining a list of resources that may be able to help ease your burdens.

The season of spring is always exciting for the children, we begin to play outside for longer periods of time, enjoy the sun rays as well as explore many projects for Easter and Passover.   I have decided to include a few of our favorite activities on the following page.

We hope you continue to be well and safe!